First test: Why Tesla killer Rivian may win the electric pickup truck race

The Rivian R1T travels almost everywhere – it has four electric motors. Photo: Rivian

The electric car of the future already today. Now the first test drive has been done by the new electric pickup Rivian R1T – and the car is hailed almost unrestrained. If the Rivian R1T is the pickup’s future – and we really believe it is – then the future can not come fast enough, writes American MotorTrend.

Rivian is the new American electric car brand that wants to challenge Tesla with a pickup and power SUV. The cars must be able to handle both road and off-road driving. Among the shareholders in Rivian is Amazon and a stock exchange listing is planned this winter.

Now the first car Rivian R1T is starting to be ready for delivery after some delay. The American magazine MotorTrend has done a first exclusive test drive and is amazed at how good the new electric car is.

”Rivian made us very impressed. The Rivian R1T feels like a vehicle of the future. It performs in difficult terrain better than combustion vehicles and is simply unsurpassed by any other pickup”, the newspaper writes, among other things.

The decor gets little criticism. There are few storage spaces and the touch screen is complex. Photo: Rivian

The car is described as a lifestyle pickup similar to the Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz, but the number is bigger and stronger. The passability is at least as good as the Jeep Gladiator. The car’s main strengths are the driveline and suspension. The Rivian has an electric motor at each wheel and 415 horsepower on the front axle and 420 hp at the rear. It is enough to cover 0-100 km / h in just over three seconds. The four individual engines make the car extremely agile.

The range will be good enough for most people. The standard version can handle 480 km and later comes a variant that goes 640 km on one charge.

”Off-roading in R1T is a mind-bender. It moves smoothly and quietly, its four-engine driveline senses drop and measures the force to each wheel as needed. It’s just steering and accelerating”, the newspaper writes.

The newspaper discovered some mistakes at Rivian. The rear seat is quite uncomfortable, there is no storage space inside the car. The infotainment system is difficult to handle, especially for older drivers. But on the whole, the car is so good that MotorTrend believes that this is the pickup’s future.

Facts Rivian R1T
Price: $ 67500 in the United States.
Engines: 2 × 208 hp front + 2 × 210 hp rear.
Weight: 3175 kg.
Acceleration: 0-100 km / h: Just over three seconds.
First delivery: September 2021 to customers in the USA.

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Apple better without Steve Jobs

Apple has shown an almost uncanny development even without Steve Jobs. Photo: Stockphoto

On August 24th, it was ten years since Apple’s iconic founder and CEO Steve Jobs handed over the CEO position to Apple’s then chief operating officer Tim Cook.

Steve Jobs left but the phrase ”Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead”. After Apple’s incomparable journey, from almost bankruptcy in the late 1990s to the world’s largest company, the statement was received with somewhat mixed comments.

When Steve Jobs died a few months later in the suites of cancer, the accidental crusts began to crash. There was only one Steve Jobs, and he was irreplaceable.

The profit has quadrupled
But the pessimists were wrong. Just over a decade later, it can be stated that Apple has survived. And more than that. The last 10 years have been a formidable success for the tech giant.

The summary below from the analysis company Morningstar are figures that are more than impressive. Sales have more than tripled and profits have quadrupled under Tim Cook’s management.

Five times better than the index
And the stock market has shown its appreciation with an unlikely price increase. Since 2011, the share price has more than tenfolded. That is almost five times better return than the index. The market capitalization is now up to approximately USD 2,500 billion.

One who is not surprised by the development is the leadership guru Jim Collins, author of the bestsellers ”Good to Great” and ”Built to Last”.

In The Investor Podcast Network We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network on Apple Podcasts, he posts the text on why Apple has become so successful and why Steve Jobs is not missing.

Innovations at the core
Collins believes that Steve Jobs’ most important contribution to Apple was not to invent an iphone or an ipod but to create an organization for success and innovation. That was Job’s goal.

Then came the above innovations. And this culture at Apple lives on, according to Collins, and will continue to do so even after Tim Cook leaves.

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Billionaire battle: Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos continues

This isn’t the first time the Tesla CEO has squared off against the Amazon founder. Photo: Agencies

Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk is now verbally attacking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it’s a really sour salvo that Musk fires.

The satellite quarrel is becoming increasingly infected between the two dollar billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and where Musk now gives Bezos a juicy blow under the belt in the battle for space.

”Filing lawsuits against Space X is actually his (Bezos’) full-time job,” Musk wrote on Twitter, saying Bezos is ”exceptionally” inclined to engage in litigation, CNBC reports.

Bezos claims that Musk violates the regulations
According to Amazon, Space X violates the rules and Amazon has therefore submitted a letter to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in which the company considers that the application that Space X has submitted regarding the satellite system Starlink should be rejected.

Space X, for its part, claims that Amazon is trying to delay the whole thing for competitive reasons as Amazon is in the process of launching over 3,000 satellites that will ensure a faster internet.

Rival Space X, led by Elon Musk, is thus doing the same thing, connecting an internet network with thousands of satellites that will deliver high-speed internet to users wherever they are on earth.

Starlink’s version of the record – breaking internet is still just a beta version, but the company is still said to have attracted over 100,000 users in 14 countries.

More than 30,000 satellites are in the pipe
Potential customers have placed over half a million orders for the high-speed network service from Space X, which has so far launched 1,740 satellites within the Gen2 system and the next step is planned for a total of almost 30,000 satellites.

Amazon satellite internet system goes by the name Project Kuiper. The idea is to launch 3,236 Internet satellites into a low orbit around the Earth, and the system competes directly with Space X Starlink.

Read more at CNBC.

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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

10. Central Nic (CNIC.L)

CentralNic is another tech company whose revenue growth rate in 2020 of 124% was boosted by acquisitions. But with an 18% organic growth and a solid operational profit, this is still an impressive growth case. Being an oldtimer in the domain and web services industry, CentralNic has annually doubled in size five out of the past six years through a combination of organic growth, winning new clients, and by acquisitions.

Photo credit: CentralNic
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

9. Just Eat Takeaway (TKWY.AS)

While Amsterdam-listed Just Eat Takeaway.com reported a growth rate on an IFRS-basis of 391% in 2020, a number of course inflated by the merger between Just Eat and Takeaway.com, the organic growth of 54% is still impressive. As an online food delivery platform, Just Eat Takeaway.com facilitates the online ordering, payment and occasionally, fulfilment of orders. The company utilises a hybrid model which builds on its marketplace heritage (where restaurants do their own delivery) with logistics capability (for select restaurants without their own delivery capabilities).

Just Eat Takeaway, tech stocks
Photo credit: Just Eat Takeaway.com
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

8. Delivery Hero  (DHER.DE)

In October 2020, the world’s leading delivery platform, Delivery Hero announced that it had maintained its strong growth trajectory with orders doubling YoY and revenue up 99%. Operating in about 50 markets with some 27,000 employees, Delivery Hero is the largest global food network (outside of China), with over 5 million orders received every day.

Delivery Hero, tech stocks
Photo credit: Delivery Hero
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

6. Kape Technologies (KAPE)  

Kape aims to provide a private and secure digital life for consumers worldwide based on online autonomy coupled with an accessible personal digital experience. Albeit boosted by acquisitions, Kape increased recurring revenue by 140% in H1 2020 and an organic revenue growth in the Digital Privacy segment of 47%.

Kape, tech stocks,
Kape consumer brand, Privateinternetaccess. Photo credit: Privateinternetaccess
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

5. Codemasters (CDM.L) 

With three game releases in the six months that ended 30 Sept 2020, award-winning British video game developer and publisher specialising in high quality racing games, Codemasters managed to double revenue to 81 MGBP, with an astonishing trading gross margin of 89%. With increased focus on Games as a Service (”GaaS”) to drive player engagement and extend game’s lifecycle, Codemasters is now on course for mobile IP launch in FY2022.

Codemasters, game stocks,
Photo credit: Codemasters
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth


AMS AG, formerly known as austriamicrosystems AG, a designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensing solutions, had a very strong 2020, reporting 183% in Q4 2020. With 30 000 employees, AMS is a giant in optical solutions and sensing, benefitting from several macro trends.

Photo credit: AMS
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10 European tech stocks with +100% revenue growth

3. Pricer

With record sales in Q4 2020 and a global frame agreement with retail giant Carrefour, Swedish electronic shelf labeling system Pricer increased revenues by 186% in Q4 2020. With a strong underlying growth trend in the market and digitization of physical retail seen as a necessity for maintaining competitiveness, Pricer is well positioned to continue its strong growth.

Photo credit: Pricer