Billionaire battle: Elon Musk vs. Jeff Bezos continues

This isn’t the first time the Tesla CEO has squared off against the Amazon founder. Photo: Agencies

Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk is now verbally attacking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it’s a really sour salvo that Musk fires.

The satellite quarrel is becoming increasingly infected between the two dollar billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and where Musk now gives Bezos a juicy blow under the belt in the battle for space.

”Filing lawsuits against Space X is actually his (Bezos’) full-time job,” Musk wrote on Twitter, saying Bezos is ”exceptionally” inclined to engage in litigation, CNBC reports.

Bezos claims that Musk violates the regulations
According to Amazon, Space X violates the rules and Amazon has therefore submitted a letter to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in which the company considers that the application that Space X has submitted regarding the satellite system Starlink should be rejected.

Space X, for its part, claims that Amazon is trying to delay the whole thing for competitive reasons as Amazon is in the process of launching over 3,000 satellites that will ensure a faster internet.

Rival Space X, led by Elon Musk, is thus doing the same thing, connecting an internet network with thousands of satellites that will deliver high-speed internet to users wherever they are on earth.

Starlink’s version of the record – breaking internet is still just a beta version, but the company is still said to have attracted over 100,000 users in 14 countries.

More than 30,000 satellites are in the pipe
Potential customers have placed over half a million orders for the high-speed network service from Space X, which has so far launched 1,740 satellites within the Gen2 system and the next step is planned for a total of almost 30,000 satellites.

Amazon satellite internet system goes by the name Project Kuiper. The idea is to launch 3,236 Internet satellites into a low orbit around the Earth, and the system competes directly with Space X Starlink.

Read more at CNBC.


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