First test: Why Tesla killer Rivian may win the electric pickup truck race

The Rivian R1T travels almost everywhere – it has four electric motors. Photo: Rivian

The electric car of the future already today. Now the first test drive has been done by the new electric pickup Rivian R1T – and the car is hailed almost unrestrained. If the Rivian R1T is the pickup’s future – and we really believe it is – then the future can not come fast enough, writes American MotorTrend.

Rivian is the new American electric car brand that wants to challenge Tesla with a pickup and power SUV. The cars must be able to handle both road and off-road driving. Among the shareholders in Rivian is Amazon and a stock exchange listing is planned this winter.

Now the first car Rivian R1T is starting to be ready for delivery after some delay. The American magazine MotorTrend has done a first exclusive test drive and is amazed at how good the new electric car is.

”Rivian made us very impressed. The Rivian R1T feels like a vehicle of the future. It performs in difficult terrain better than combustion vehicles and is simply unsurpassed by any other pickup”, the newspaper writes, among other things.

The decor gets little criticism. There are few storage spaces and the touch screen is complex. Photo: Rivian

The car is described as a lifestyle pickup similar to the Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz, but the number is bigger and stronger. The passability is at least as good as the Jeep Gladiator. The car’s main strengths are the driveline and suspension. The Rivian has an electric motor at each wheel and 415 horsepower on the front axle and 420 hp at the rear. It is enough to cover 0-100 km / h in just over three seconds. The four individual engines make the car extremely agile.

The range will be good enough for most people. The standard version can handle 480 km and later comes a variant that goes 640 km on one charge.

”Off-roading in R1T is a mind-bender. It moves smoothly and quietly, its four-engine driveline senses drop and measures the force to each wheel as needed. It’s just steering and accelerating”, the newspaper writes.

The newspaper discovered some mistakes at Rivian. The rear seat is quite uncomfortable, there is no storage space inside the car. The infotainment system is difficult to handle, especially for older drivers. But on the whole, the car is so good that MotorTrend believes that this is the pickup’s future.

Facts Rivian R1T
Price: $ 67500 in the United States.
Engines: 2 × 208 hp front + 2 × 210 hp rear.
Weight: 3175 kg.
Acceleration: 0-100 km / h: Just over three seconds.
First delivery: September 2021 to customers in the USA.


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